Am I good enough?

History has always impressed upon us with the juicy tales of remarkable accomplishments of common men turned heroes who targeted an invincible task and dived their way into victory with a lasting impact. Our seamless admiration in turn makes their achievements immortal.

But soon after this ‘hurry-to- establish’ approach makes these stories look seemingly hollow,at times.

As these sagas also own the responsibility of leaving an itchy residue within us, pursuing us to try and remotely replan our own lives. Or at least they corner us to start re-designing our very own personal targets and life time agendas.

We turn result oriented and portray ourselves as cannibals for achieving that success, no matter how we get there.

We are at times, even scared of not winning and don’t plan a back up incase we don’t. It’s a measured life coupled with preset goals after all and there seems to be no place given to the joy of preparation. A great result can be witnessed by all and hence its important. It’s always about the others and what they would see in you and so rarely about beautifying your own path towards it. If I seek pleasure in my achievements, its for the others to take notice, praise me and finally accept me as a part of this result oriented society.

I for some reason have developed a greater respect for people who keep trying and do not bother to shine, steal other’s shine or have an interest in pushing others to shine.

No sooner than we grow up, there is always this keen desire to set out to win.


In the schools all the certifications are based on your ranks, merit holders to top rankers create a constant stir in the hearts of the rest. The harmless games we play in the park as children create winning or loser groups and our belonging to any creates a subliminal impression on our minds, mostly about our own impression.
More often than not as the same individual we tend to display more advanced and articulated strategies in the (grown- ups) boardroom which is focused on making place for our next role, essentially.

Everything is based on a loosely dispensed target, which may not be wrong, as goals tends to irk a person from a level which stirs them from within. Creates an aggressive attention span and keeps them driven. It’s actually good. But just that if it can pull back a little to also take along the preparation efforts with it, we will have a much larger group of people involved and satisfied.

Our entire basis of existence has so much to do with what we will finally put up as a rank on that notice board.

But ever given a thought on why is our focus on the journey towards this final medallion of life, is always second in priority?

If I wish to fly to my dream destination, is the flying important or the destination? Is the preparation of the flight my focus or the feeling of surreal humility after reaching my goal would be everything that the effort had to offer? Am I even deciding my individualistic approach or just taking up all the already established means to reach where I need to. There is a certain bond of togetherness between us and our pursuits of the goal. We grow together in harmony and fall together in case of discord.

The zen of our vulnerable existence needs to make some deafening noise.

Should be designed from the very beginning to pursue a society which looks at zeal of creation too, as an actual art and not essentially just the finished display. Because efforts are for real and creations only improve with time. Imagine to have a world of only stubborn few, arrogant achievers who have always competing and have no stories to tell, no words to inspire or no canvases to paint for the onlooking dreamy eyes.

Are we preparing enough to step out and share our real stories, especially in the world where ‘priority’ is used as a convenience to get ahead in the queue and not actually lived? Where everything little detail of one’s personality is only used as a cast to finally shape up the desired mould, viable of a commercially appropriate display. Not really.

I strongly believe that the victory is as much of the person who targets to win, prepares for it, has sleepless nights, practices, dreamt but in the end just lost by a few notches only to try again. And that person has the making of an absolute winner and is such a positive influence on all those who surround him.

So let’s begin to ditch the fine art of result making and begin falling in love with the process of infusing life in all that we do or perceive, to get there. If we reach there someday, it’s applause worthy, if not, even then we would have already lived a million times.


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