An Evening Walk Amidst Chaos

If you are in the habit to listen to your impounding inner voice only in the decibel breaking volumes of silence, then this article is surely meant for you. This time you could just be curious to hear the other side too, which is insanely misinterpreted and under marketed.

A carefree walk, in the rains or alongside those curled up roads, by the unpretentious hills or simply the ones in charismatic places. These places naturally trigger the feeling to step out and are probably one of your choices for a solitude promising walk! But none of them can facilitate that perked up therapy good enough to face the world, almost instantly. This will happen only if you make a less opulent choice, to walk amidst daily chaos, accompanied by noise and confusion.

I advocate it strongly.

Let me begin with the theory of opposites. It suggests that the only way you will ever achieve the success you desire to create in your life is to walk a different path to the masses ( in this case, with the masses). It requires disruption, to do the unpopular, the unreasonable and the unorthodox.

I have personally experienced this phenomenon of achieving silence out of disruption pretty often.

But before we explore the outlandish merits of what I am about to highlight here, let’s dig in yet again into the reasons, prolific and inspiring for people across the globe who simply aspire taking the walk breaks in blissful places full of solitude. Besides exploring a new place, other reasons may seem like mere subsets.
Here is why we do what we do.When we think of planning a trip, the reason is to mostly escape and land somewhere where no one knows our measly existence and we are not under a poking, judgemental scanner. Also our conditioned idea of taking a break is to discover a new place and their culture. But nowadays we also travel seeking instant wellness and rejuvenated mental health with a practical break of 2 nights and 3 days, coming back to unresolved dilemmas in life.

Travel, although, is a brilliant option to feel better and come back refreshed. But when one does not have enough time to plan this extravagant escape, how do we handle ourselves to face this daily drain, being where we are, in that very same place?

Let’s delve deeper into this chaos therapy.

What happens by deciding to take a walk in the nearby marketplace, road down to the super mart or street bustling with kids playing on the road? Especially when you always thought it does not resonate well with the idea of even taking a breather. Let’s explore all those how’s, right here:

Acceptance– If you’ve had a long day at work and feeling dejected for reasons more than one, then a walk in the home premises may give me a chance to see some happy, known faces, who would greet you. You stumble upon the acceptance that was so lacking in doing many thankless jobs otherwise in the entire day.

Sense of belonging– At time you do suffer from a sense of not ‘belonging’ or being unwanted in your own place. It triggers a sudden bout of loneliness too. It is then you take a long solo walk, which gives you a break from the ruffled heart and jumbled mind, hence making space for you to think clearly, plan and move ahead. By sticking around the same place, you have a larger chance to connect with the immediate environment, with a refreshed perspective, right after the walk.
Broadening our own capacity– Our thoughtful mind is used to dealing with multiple problems at the same time.By listening to what it has to say, we learn to listen, to disentangle each of them, separately and address them with a sound solution. The clear and loud inner voice plays the hero in the situation. The guidance reaches readily and expands our connection with self. That’s the promise of the, across- your -street, mindful walk.

Mediation in the extreme situation– Yes, there is a scope of being in a deep meditative state, when you’re walking on the neighbourhood road. The insightful conversations sourcing from within can take you to a world where whatever is happening around you, will stop bothering. Your attention will be within and that is enough to be a constant source of joy. No mantras, no chanting of unrecognised and unknown, just absolute connection with yourself. Mediative silence achieved through disruption.

Overall calmness in attitude– Once you begin experiencing such inner clarity that connects you deeper than usual, you cannot help but notice the calmness in your overall approach and attitude.

It will begin to reflect in your interactions back home or even at work place the next day. All you have to develop gradually is the skill of listening to your inner self.

You can only feel this peace of mind, in the same city where you live, on a regular basis, if you expand your senses, recreate your perceptions and explore the within before experimenting with a new location. We all are blessed with a constant and loving guides within, who refuse to give up on us and it’s our choice to listen to them well in time.

They might not understand the rule of opposites, but what they do understand is for us to stay centred, the key lies within.

Blogpost by Pooja Chandra

Alternative and Holistic Healing Practitioner


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