Solo Journey Inwards

That feeling from within’ comes knocking and nudging every now and then. It’s core is unquantifiable but is characteristically trustworthy. There are times it stirs up our subdued thoughts and a few times it subtly guides us to where we truly belong. But amidst our everyday distractions and life’s characteristic monotony, we tend to forget, drawing inspiration from this innermost confidante’. If we consciously did, it has the power to change our current apathetic design forever.

Provided we listen.

I distinctly remember the case of Ryan, the graphic designer, which was like a mirror to the current times we live in. His profession required him to take a tangentially different approach for work, but his connection with self was next to none. All his inspirations had boundaries and all his aspirations were derived from the live examples around him. He stumbled across roadblocks, sometimes factual and mostly creative. His lack of rapport with his own soulful self, often led to his close tryst with limits. He was floating in the familiar ‘unknown’, while running away from what he considered as an established ‘unknown’.

There is an exponentially larger realm within us than outside.Tap into it readily.

Then there was this complex case of Faria. She owned a design boutique in the city, relatively new entrepreneur, cliched aggressive, but at the same time, considered herself extremely grounded. Her quest was mostly about seeking more inner clarity and exploiting it to her advantage. She came with a belief that her sensitivity empowered her immensely and helped her get an edge during her client handling episodes. She was seeking an inner expansion, wanting to replace it with her weak practical edge, that could somehow boost her professional growth.

There has to be a conscious but balanced approach towards knowing your inner self. Pushing extremes may create an imbalance.

There was one common thread in both these cases. Both had reached optimal levels of seeking a solo and soulful journey inwards.

As humans, whenever we think, we are stepping up in our respective journeys, this distance between self and soul keeps getting widened. We consciously put ourselves out there to keep staying afloat in some pseudo dimensional world. There is our toughened side which is on constant display, which is well polished, brutally adjusted and so aptly rehearsed. Our reality checks are either discreet or happen when there is a complete loss of faith in the self worth.
Constantly bridging the gap between self and soul is the primary ask.

So what is exactly the promise within, which can help one create an aligned external environment for self? Or is it just as over hyped as any other self development mechanism, not matching up to the hooplas. One thing is absolutely clear to me after having conducted these in-their- middle- of- nowhere sessions with clients, they kickstart the churn of emotional baggages as soon as they start digging in their unexplored inner domains. This is a positive sign.

Decoding one’s own emotional lacuna marks the beginning of one’s soulful journey.

While we systematically invest gruesome years to attain knowledge to stay competitive and relevant in the outside world, there is none whatsoever for exploring this extraordinary space within. When explored, It is often intuitive or guided, provide we are listening. There are no real or established ways of conducting this adventure. Whenever there is a requirement to fine tune your incoherent dilemmas, before reaching out to that phone, just talk to your own self for the best ever guidance. Open up your inner lotus to touch the most sensitive parts of deep seeded subconscious. It’s your own territory and shows promise and magnitude which is rightfully yours. No one else will ever know what lies in it’s expanse. Use it for your own inner awakening and to fully utilise this life’s worth.

What lies unexplored is only present within. We end up exploring a minuscule of what has been cosmically provided to us.

Every morning step into the tranquil mode, appreciate what you’ve got without having asked for, simplify and deseed your fears and find the ultimate motive of your aspirations. From exploring a silent space at home to penning down your most basic thoughts, these habits can make a substantial change and help you narrow down your scattered self. A zen space, regular breather, a few relaxed reflexes, close observations to one’s own reactions, appreciating life and life forms, tolerance to coexistence, analysing anger and ignoring a few necessary along with the unnecessary, are a few mapped conducts to help one tap into the space within. Rest is about quick adaptation and your hardcore readiness to do so.

If mindful journeys start being soulful, we can soon see a mediocrity transform into excellence.

This enrichment sure is well worth your knocking, unless you’re still waiting for ‘that feeling from within’.

blogpost by Pooja Chandra

Alternative and Holistic Healing Practitioner


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